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GS Series Windows

GS Window Series Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows | Houston & Stafford, TX

GS Window Series
GS Series Single Hung Replacement Window

GS Series Key Features

•Beautiful, Maintenance free, exterior appearance

•Heavy Duty hardware assures easy operation and virtually zero maintenance

•Heavy Duty Vinyl Construction frames and aluminum reinforced sashes for a superior and strong product

•Lab Tested Vinyl will not rot, crack, fade or yellow

•Cardinal High Performance LoE3 Glass

•DuraPane Laminated Glass gives Impact resistance and increased sound reduction

•Optional Triple pane Glass Unit

•Exceeds ENERGYSTAR® energy performance criteria

•Argon gas filled chambers for increased energy savings

•9 optional Frame color finishes

•UV Ray Blocking, Glass Resistance against fading and sun damage

•Bug and insect resistant

•AAMA and NFRC certified to meet or exceed industry structural and energy efficiency standards

•STC Rated for Low Sound Transmission

GS Window Series Limited Time Offer

GS Window Series 100% Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty on all GS glass

We are so confident about about new GS Series glass, we are including lifetime a warranty on all glass defects, breakage(accidental or not),fogging etc. For as long as you own a GS product Value Windows will warranty the glass.

GS Windows Series, the vinyl window re-invented

Value Windows & Doors is proud to bring you an exciting new window system, GS Series™ windows. GS Series windows feature DuraPane Laminate Glass for up to excellent sound reduction and high security. GS Series windows can also be equipped with triple pane glazing, 3 layers of glass filled with argon gas for maximum energy efficiency. GS Series windows feature heavy duty vinyl construction, as well as improved heavy duty hardware like oversize bearing equipped brass rollers(industry first) and 10 lb. sash springs. Cardinal Glass High Performance LoE3 glass blocks you from harmful UV rays and helps keep energy loss low.

GS Window Series Slider

Many companies can offer you an energy efficient window only Value Windows & Doors can include security, sound reduction and energy efficiency all in one package. You don't have to be a millionaire to protect your home like one. Upgrade your home and peace of mind with New GS Series Windows Today. See all the benefits..

See the strength of GS Series windows

Window Hardware

State-of-the-art window and door hardware

A window is not just glass and frame. There are many components that must work together in order for the window to work properly. GS Series windows improve on key hardware, to not only make better components but to improve the whole window system.

GS Series Windows features enhanced hardware throughout the entire window. The reinvented hardware not only increases the overall life time of the window, but will make operating and maintaining your windows easy and care free for the entire life of the window

Most standard vinyl sliding windows use plastic rollers that can become clogged, brittle and stiff over time but GS Series sliding windows feature heavy duty aluminum rails and bearing equipped brass rollers for feather light operation. GS heavy duty oversize bearing brass rollers are an Industry First.

Single hung windows feature 10 lb. sash springs making opening GS Series windows extremely easy. You can virtually use one finger to open and close these windows.

GS Series windows use improved pivot lock shoes which are more durable and guaranteed to last as long as you own your windows.

DuraPane Laminate Glass

New DuraPane laminate glass

DuraPane™ Laminate Glass is a new product exclusively from Value Windows & Doors. Similar to automobile windshield glass, DuraPane Laminate Glass is a high performance glass consisting of a plastic safety interlayer placed between two sheets of glass. Ordinary glass can break easily, tempered glass while known for its strength will completely shatter under impact. DuraPane glass if broken will retain its shape and maintain a barrier against foreign objects or even worse intruders.

DuraPane Laminate Glass has excellent sound reduction properties. If you live near or by a busy street or highway you'll appreciate how well GS Series windows function. Don't let annoying outside noise disturb you, with GS Series windows you'll sleep like a baby.

GS Series Also has excellent UV protection properties, blocking up to 99% of harmful Ultra-violet light that can not only damage your homes belongings but also be harmful to your family as well.